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Never read too many books for the same topic. This will simply kill your time.
Always refer standard books.
If you are fortunate enough to have a good teacher, stick to the class notes, and spend your time at home practicing questions.
Focus on writing & presentation skills, theory, derivations & diagrams for subjective paper.
Make short notes of important topics & a separate list of formulae for each subject and revise them regularly.
If you are starting a new topic, always solve very simple questions first. This will clear your concepts and increase your confidence.
Solve all the previous 10 years questions thoroughly. In IES exam some questions are based on the concepts of previous year’s questions.
For General ability reading news paper & current affair magazines will help to score high.
In Personality test or Interview besides positive attitude focus on technical knowledge, body language & communication skills. Current affairs knowledge plays vital role in personality test.
Rather than solving five questions on similar concepts. It is better to solve one question with five different methods. It gives knowledge about the shortest methods to be used.

It is very important to have a deep insight of whatever you need to study.

Cramming up the formulae won’t help until and unless you have a clear concept of the topic.

The questions are based on the basic concepts and they do not require much calculation.

The questions framed are new (more than 90%) and they are not directly copied from any particular book.

And most important, the student must keep in mind that “the ESE exam is not meant for testing the technical knowledge but also for writing skills.

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