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Managing Director

Dear Students, Engineers Zone is committed to guide the students for IES, GATE, PSUs, & other competitive exams. Ours is a comprehensive programme where students are guided not just for written but also for interviews & group discussion. Since its inception, Engineers Zone has produced toppers in IES, GATE. His words to those who are preparing for these examinations....

"In competitive, examination questions never repeat and concepts never change. It is worth to understand ten basic concepts rather than memorizing 10,000 questions".

Government jobs have always attracted the best of talent from amongst engineering graduates. Indian Engineering services and Public Sector Undertakings have been the preferred choice for young engineers. These jobs provide conducive service atmosphere where an individual has an opportunity to realize his/her full potential, have ultimate job satisfaction, timely promotion, have high social status and most importantly a good salary.

The most important thing what I have seen through my past 17 years of experience is that for competitive exams, smart work is required along with hard work. The strategy to prepare is efficient management of the syllabus. Our technical experts regularly analyses the exam papers to shortlist important topics and to focus on the vital areas, so that the burden of students is lessened. We at Engineers Zone endeavour to help our students at each and every step of preparation. Be it interview or G.D. our expert faculty is always there to provide solutions to our students so that they can maximize their learning from us and score high in all relevant examinations for which they are aiming.

I call all engineering students to become a part of Engineers Zone's long list of toppers in IES & PSUs or enter the elite institutions for higher education and research through GATE. Welcome to a whole new world of learning at Engineers Zone where a student is transformed into a topper who is ready to serve the nation.

We know that there are still many IES, GATE aspirants who have a lot of potential as well as they are eager to join Engineers Zone for preparation but are unable to come to Delhi due to certain limitation & remain deprived for getting our expertise. Looking to this need of students and to give their preparation a winning thrust Engineers Zone has launched a program to train these students with the help of advanced technological solution i.e. SLP (Satellite Learning Program). In this program the students will be benefitted with our skills and expertise at remote locales in the country.

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